Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush campaigns at tailgate in Florida

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Date: 2015-10-30

Description: Medium Close-Up, slow zoom out. Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush campaigns on outdoor stage at football tailgate in Punta Gorda, Florida. Holds mic, crowd waves signs that say "Jeb!" JEB BUSH: In this great country of ours, more businesses are closing today than being formed. It's never happened- it has never happened that way. Compare that to the 8 years when I was governor when we had more businesses being created in this state than any state in the country. Today workforce participation rates are lower than they were in the Carter era. Medium income, disposal income for the middle class is down 23-hundred dollars in the day that Barack Obama got elected President. And 6 million people more are living in poverty. That is the result of more taxes, more regulation, more confusion, more division, more politicization of everything. I want to unify our country around high income for everybody where people can be lifted out of poverty. Where people have a chance at earned success. Where small businesses flourish. I know how to do this because I did it here in Florida, and the state was better off because of it.

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