Testing for steroids and performance enhancing drugs Olympic athletes use

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Media Specs: 720x480 | 4:3 | 29.97 fps | NTSC

Date: 2000-09-18

Description: There is an opening shot of a lab technician female wearing a white lab coat and gloves testing samples in a medium shot. The camera angle is tilted upwards slightly. There is a revolving centrafuge machine spinning with multiple test tubes attatched. The lab technician reaches closer to the camera to inject a liquid into a tube. There is a dissolve to a closeup of little red topped glass containers with labels on them listed as Procrit. There is a zoom in to a closeup of one container standing up with another container lying down next to it. There is a dissolve to a lab technician hand taking a liquid sample and injecting it into a machine. There is a cut to a closeup of the lab technician hand with the injection of the sample in the machine. There is a cut to a medium shot of a female lab technician sitting at a table taking a sample of liquid out of a small glass container. There is a cut to a closeup shot of a substance being injected into another container. There is a dissolve to a close up of a blue container listed as Regensis next to a blue box with directions and list of natural ingredients visible. performance enhancing drugs The Olympic Games are a major international event featuring summer and winter sports, in which thousands of athletes participate in a variety of competitions. The Olympic Games have come to be regarded as the world’s foremost sports competition where more than 200 nations participate. The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport is commonly referred to by the term doping, particularly by those organizations that regulate competitions. The use of performance enhancing drugs is mostly done to improve athletic performance. This is why many sports ban the use of performance enhancing drugs.

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